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A Westwood criminal defense attorney at Lessem & Newstat can give you helpful legal advice if you have been charged with committing a criminal offense. Fighting criminal charges can be difficult without assistance from a knowledgeable litigator. Our firm has over 50 years of combined legal experience representing clients in many different types of criminal cases. We have a top AVVO 10/10 rating, and have represented clients in more than 200 jury trials. The attorneys at our firm are highly skilled defenders that will make sure you understand the various legal aspects of your case, and what to expect from the prosecution.

Attorney Jeremy Lessem is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, and experienced in complex cases involving technical evidence such as chemical, ballistic and DNA test results. Attorney Joshua Newstat is a respected litigator with a strong commitment to providing the accused with the best defense possible.

We can assist you many different types of criminal charges involving misdemeanor, felony and federal crimes, such as violent crimes, assault, battery and domestic violence; DUI, driving with a suspended license, vehicular manslaughter and murder. Our firm also represents clients that have been charged with sex crimes, sexual assault, theft crimes, white collar crimes, drug crimes, possession and distribution. We are also skilled in defense involving the three strikes law, Internet crimes, traffic crimes, underage DUI, hit and run, and juvenile crimes. Our firm can answer any questions you have regarding prefile intervention, probation violations and warrants. We also provide legal counsel in medical marijuana case and mental health law. If you are looking for a dedicated criminal defense to provide vigorous representation throughout your case, contact our firm today.

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A conviction in a criminal case can have numerous consequences depending on the severity of the charges. Guilty verdicts can result in jail time, fines, community service, victim restitution and many other penalties. Many times a skilled attorney will be able to find weaknesses in the prosecution's case that can lead to a dismissal or reduced charges. Our firm will make sure all of the evidence in your case is thoroughly reviewed and will take advantage of any opportunities to mitigate the charges you are facing.

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