Santa Monica Juvenile Crime Lawyer

About Juvenile Crime Charges

When a child is charged with a crime, penalties can range from the conditional release into their parents' custody, to probation, to foster home placement, to imprisonment in the California Youth Authority, a juvenile prison. A criminal record for a child can also in itself create the potential of their committing further criminal acts in the future. A child facing these charges will need knowledgeable criminal defense counsel in order to avoid conviction, or at the very least to avoid their being tried as an adult, which can result in long prison sentences.

The juvenile system is different from the adult system, and it can be a very complicated area of the law for the less experienced legal representative. If your child is facing criminal charges you are urged to contact a seasoned Santa Monica criminal defense lawyer at once to get the effective legal help you will need to defend your child's case. We proudly serve Malibu, Westwood, and Venice as well.

Contact a Santa Monica juvenile crime attorney at the firm if your child is charged with a crime and you need committed, proven legal representation.

Aggressive Legal Representation For Children Charged With Crimes

At Lessem & Newstat, we understand the hardships you face when your child is charged with a crime, and it can be difficult for a parent to know what to do in these cases. With our extensive track record in juvenile crime and our in-depth knowledge of the California legal system, we can help you formulate your best strategy in order to get the charges dropped or significantly mitigated on behalf of your child. Do not leave such a potentially perilous situation in the hands of less experienced lawyers. With the proper legal steps, our team can pursue a dismissal of the charges, and help protect your child's future and freedom.